Possum Merino wool

Years ago, just like the English imported their pests (rabbits, foxes, sparrows, etc.) to Australia ... Australian possums were exported to New Zealand, to be hunted for their fur.
They became a pest and conservation groups have supported culling programs.
The New Zealanders used their initiative on how to use possum fur and created a product called Ecowool which comprises a blend of fine merino wool and possum fur.

Here's an extract from a website ...

possum fur clothing

Possum fur is silky smooth to the touch and is the ultimate in luxury when used to create furnishings, footwear or garments.
Possum Merino is a luxurious and unique New Zealand yarn made from blending two of nature's finest fibres - hand selected possum fur and superfine merino wool. Each fibre is hollow and thus gives excellent insulation whilst ensuring that the garments are light and very soft. As well as incredible softness and warmth the yarn is strong and durable. It wears better than cashmere or mohair and has superior anti-piling qualities.
Originally introduced from overseas, the possums in New Zealand eat 22,000 tonnes of our forests each night. The commercial use of possum fur fibre is therefore encouraged by conservation groups and plays an important role in the protection of New Zealand's native fauna, flora and wildlife.
For more information and if you want to buy a cool possum/wool/silk hat visit Ecowool blend of possum merino


  1. Great way to keep the possum numbers down.
    I do like that hat.

  2. Damn pests. They eat my roses.
    Maybe we should start making it here.

  3. how many possums does it take to make a hat?

    1. None.
      Possums aren't known to make hats ;)

    2. Sorry - I couldn't help myself with the pun ;)
      From the online pic of the hat, I would guess that you would get 2 hats from a good sized possum.


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