Pool-side meeting with Steph Key and Forestville residents

Met with local MP Steph Key and Forestville residents at the Unley pool.
A hot day and a very hot topic of increased traffic through local streets.
The traffic in the side streets has increased since the start of the Goodwood Rail Project.
The offenders are southern rat runners who speed, cut the corners, drive through the Give Way signs and drive dangerously. The residents of Forestville are fed up.
Steph is working with the Transport Minister to try to get 50% funding for a local traffic study.
Council has been collecting traffic statistics over the past months.
Extra line marking and rumble strips will be installed at intersections in a month.
Council is considering other options that may be pursued in the short term.
In the longer term, funding needs to be secured for a traffic study.
The study area will be bounded by Leader Street, Anzac Highway, South Road, Norman Terrace, Victoria Street and Goodwood Road.
Meanwhile, I encourge residents to call the Sturt Police on a daily basis to report observed traffic violations. All the better if you can record the vehicle rego number.


  1. Mad driver speeding down First Ave this morning.
    Have rung the police.

  2. Well done.
    I encourage all residents to report all traffic matters to the Police.
    This will show a statistical spike in the area and initiate Police action.
    Keep it up.


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