Luminous @ Fringe

Last night I went to see Luminous, a Fringe show at Gluttony (@ east end).
Absolutely fantastic. A bonus because it was half price. Checkout the half price specials - makes the festival more affordable.
Sipped on a Tanqueray number 10 G&T.

Someone had a panic (perhaps epileptic) attack, probably due to the strobe effect and tried to escape through the tent entrance.
Luminous is a black (UV) light illuminating body art, juggling and circus sensation. Fantastic painted body artwork. Loud, very loud music to pump you up.
Get along and see Luminous. Look for a half price special ... Luminous @ Gluttony
Tip: sign up as a Fringe member and get quick access to what's on and specials.


  1. Fantastic!
    The artwork in the the body painting is just so good.


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