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Natural aphrodisiacs

There is always someone with advice about spicing up your love life with natural aphrodisiacs. Ideally that’s the way to go – avoid those suspect products advertised by email and that come in plain packaging.

With the recent Valentine’s Day there was lots of advice of how to ignite a fire in the heart of a loved one. The emphasis was on food based natural aphrodisiacs, also with claimed top health properties.

Here are 5 recommendations from a visiting luvologist.
(Note: I have made some edits to remove the more spicy bits.)

  • Caviar is high in zinc – it stimulates the formation of testosterone (good for males).
  • Considered a delicacy and decadent, but rather pricey.
  • Reserve for very special occasions.


  • Flavanoids are contained in chocolate. It is said that they lower the blood pressure and induce a state of relaxation.
  • Also, chocolate contains caffeine which increases serotonin levels in the brain and results in an increase of feelings of love and happiness. 


  • Banana contains an enzyme called bromelain. Supposedly it is good for males. 


  • Avocado is also a fruit with sex appeal, reputedly due to its high Vitamin E content. The vitamin boosts natural feelings (for both sexes). 


  • Oyster contains amino acids which activates the production of the hormones testosterone and oestrogen.
  • Cheaper than caviar.

Take your pick from these 5 suggestions.

Regardless of what the experts say, it's what works for you.
SA oysters are always a good choice.
SA does have the best.

Also, my tip: if you want some bubbles in a glass, then ensure that it has a high content of Pinot Noir. Trust me, sparkling Chardonnay (and other whites) don’t have the same effect.

All of these love ingredients can be purchased at the Sunday Farmers’ Market at the Showground, Leader Street, Goodwood.


  1. I swear by those oysters.
    Just eat them natural with a little lime juice.
    Swallow whole.

  2. I also enjoy the after effects of eating oysters.
    I buy them at the Farmers Market, so fresh.

  3. Each year on our anniversary I buy a small jar of caviar.
    It works a treat!
    Lately I've started buying trout roe from fish farmed in Victoria.

  4. Dark chocolate and a nice wine puts me in the mood.
    Red wine and chocolate go well together.

  5. I've never had an inclination to eat a banana or an avocado to help me feel romantic.
    Chocolates are the way to my heart.

  6. It's not listed, but I enjoy warm steamed scallops to get in the mood.
    My partner prepares and cooks them.
    He spoils me.

  7. I just love being pampered.
    That works for me. A chocolate is a bonus ;)


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