Free Fringe Event - Batman

We hear about bat or flying fox problems in other states.

In the Adelaide Botantical Garden we have our own community of grey-headed flying foxes.
They are a mega-bat native to Australia and is our largest bat. 

Adults are huge with an average wingspan up to 1 metre and they can weigh up to 1 kg.

Pop along and see them.
Here's a link for more information
Grey-headed flying fox @ Botanical Garden


  1. So cute.
    Will make the visit and then go on to the Fringe in the Garden and Gluttony.

  2. Huge wingspan. I'm sure I've seen one flying over Kent Town at dusk.

  3. Was in the Botanical Gardens last week and heard their racket. Talk about noise. That was late afternoon.

  4. These are our natives and we need to protect them.
    They hang out at the Botanical Gardens for most of the year.


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