Fennel love

I recall a past work colleague, a confirmed bachelor in his 40s who had no luck with the ladies. In fact, he showed little inclination that way. One day, totally out of character, he hit it off with a woman in the office. Their love was intense and he hurriedly made up for lost times. It was quite the talk in the office.

Such is my love for Fennel. No, not a shiela, but of the garden vegetable variety.
For years I was oblivious to such pleasure – that pungent aniseed flavour of crisp salad slices of the fennel bulb with a light dressing of fine olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Now I get into a bit of a frenzy during the fennel season in late winter onwards.

It is so easy to grow from seeds at home, especially during the winter season.
Buy 2 packs of fennel seeds. I recommend the Florence Finale variety.
At the start of March, plant seeds in a seedling tray or small pots.
In early April, plant in the garden 30cm apart.

Enjoy the love of Fennel.


  1. Agree. Fennel is absolutely the best winter salad.
    Been eating it for years. My Dad was a market gardener.

  2. Thanks for the tip.
    I'll buy some seeds and get a crop in.

  3. I just love fennel.
    The stalk tips are great in a salad and dressed on smoked salmon.

  4. Fennel is my fav salad during the cooler months.
    Have with a crisp white wine.

  5. The seeds I planted have sprouted and are doing well.
    I look forward to good winter crop.


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