Coffee Craft @ Black Forest, South Road

What is it about this joint?
It attracts politicians who sit down and chat and sip coffee.
Only a couple of weeks ago I was invited to meet Premier Jay Weatherill there. We had 2 hours together chatting and drinking coffee ... see my blog on 02 February.

I am reliably informed that this week Steph Key (MP for Ashford) took Gail Gago, Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries. I seem to have missed out on an invitation :(

If you need coffee, beans, a machine or just a cuppa - then pop in.
They have a huge range with 20+ blends that are distributed statewide.

I visited today to get some beans.
I discovered that there is a carpark out the back - enter off side street, then exit onto South Road.

If you do go, then say that Bob sent you and they will look after you.


  1. As a Black Forest school mum, I'm a regular there for a coffee.
    The selection of coffee is huge.

  2. I visit during school sports on a Saturday.
    Great coffee and so many selections.
    The cakes are good too ;)


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