Cheap fuel

Now that Coles and Woolworths have been stopped from giving large fuel discounts, the 4 cents per litre vouchers are not worth the effort. It's not worth driving 10 minutes each way to get about $2 discount to fill the tank.

Now, it's best to look for the best prices as you drive around and fill-up when you spot a good price.

In my travels I spotted a bargain at MOGAS @ 294 Marion Road, Netley.
I was looking for good priced diesel and MOGAS was 19 cents cheaper than Coles Express @ Hawthorn. ULP was about 15 cents cheaper. The prices were also much lower than a heavy discounter on Richmond Road.
I check the prices as I pass and MOGAS is consistently a lot cheaper.
The prices were still low when I passed a few days later.

So, if you want big savings, then go to MOGAS @ 294 Marion Road.
Down Anzac Highway, right into Marion, after 2km it's on the left (before Galway Avenue).

I am advertising this to keep a good volume going through the pumps - that way prices will stay low (for me).

A bonus is that when paying you don't get asked to spend an extra $2-3 on stuff you don't want to get an extra discount ;)


  1. Will you be doing a price watch on milk and bread?

  2. hhmm, no I don't think so.
    But I did give a tip about an excellent local bakery at Black Forest ... See earlier blog.

  3. Thank to soo much
    I'll check it out tonight.
    I'm fed up with the high prices.

  4. I visited today and ulp was 9 cents cheap than my local.
    Thanks for the tip.

  5. Went there last night to fill up the ute.
    The prices were 13 cents than our regular servo.

  6. Last night I got fuel there for $1.36.
    That's 8 cents less than at my regular.


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