Bird in a box

The works associated with the Goodwood Junction Project (the Seaford railway realignment) at Goodwood/Millswood had a severe impact on the habitats for local or visiting fauna.
ie. trees were cut down or severely pruned and birds/bats/possums lost their homes.
Unley Council was proactive - and in partnership with the Department of Transport, a zoologist (James Smith) teamed up with local schools to build nesting boxes. The enthusiasm of the kids involved can be seen in the colours on many of the boxes.
The boxes have been placed in neighbouring streets and parks, schools and private properties adjacent to the rail corridor.
Some locations are: Black Forest Primary School, Goodwood Primary School, Forestville Reserve, Devon Street, Railway Terrace, Lyons Parade, Cromer Parade and Goodwood Oval.
The Council will provide longer term maintenance of these boxes. A total of 42 fauna boxes are now located in trees near the rail corridor.
Council already had 52 boxes located elsewhere in Unley.
There are now 94 fauna boxes in trees across Unley.

Keep an eye out for them and monitor who (or what) is using them for a home.

Check out this video of kids making the nesting boxes ...

This link to a PDF provides a summary of the project ...


  1. I've seen a nesting box in a tree nearby.
    It looks great.

  2. This is where I like to see my rates being spent.
    A great project.

  3. I have a box in a tree near my home.
    Early days, but I'm hoping to see activity soon.

  4. Love them. so colourful

  5. Good work. My daughter was involved in building the boxes at school. She monitors the nearby boxes.

  6. Love the boxes.
    Hope the birds appreciate the effort.

  7. A fabulous project. The boxes look great. Nice colours painted by school children.
    Well done Unley.

  8. Love these boxes
    A good effort by all involved.
    Thank you Unley.


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