Big Mango is missing

Updated on Wednesday 26-Feb:
As I forecast, the Big Mango did turn up unharmed and within days.
Today it was announced that the chicken restaurant chain Nando’s has claimed responsibility for the disappearance (aka. theft) of the Big Mango. It was all a huge stunt with the local authorities in the know. There wasn't even a police report made.

The original story ...
The Big Mango in Bowen Queensland has been stolen in one of that state's biggest fruit heists.
The Big Mango weighed 7 tonne and CCTV footage shows a crane being used.

Australia is littered with big things eg. the Big:

To quote a local from a town with a Big Something ...
A town ain't nothing if it ain't got a big something!

The Mayor of Bowen is devastated.

However I have a feeling that the Big Mango will turn up unharmed within days.
It's like gnomes that disappear - usually they do turn up.

Whatever, it does help to generate publicity for Bowen.

This got me thinking about having something Big, something really Big in Unley.
Something to make folks flock to Unley to see it.
It would be a fantastic boost for the local businesses.
This is where the marketing arm of Unley Council should be headed.

What about a Big Gnome? People generally have affection for a gnome.

Send me your ideas.


  1. I like the idea of having a Big Something in Unley.
    And yes, a Big Gnome does have appeal.
    Everyone likes a gnome; some just don't like one in their garden.
    Let's support this initiative.
    What about positioning it in Forestville Reserve next to the pool?

  2. luv the idea.
    what about the BIG POSSUM?

  3. we could have the big rose bush.
    SA is renown for its rose growing climate.

  4. I know, what about about the Big Olive.
    A nice big, black kalamata olive.
    Big enough to go inside. Have a shop inside like at the Big Orange.
    Have a sign saying "pop in and see Pip".

    1. I like the idea of a Big Olive -
      and it has to be a black kalamata!

    2. a Big Olive is kinda practical, easy to build a shop inside.
      Just like with the big Mango.
      Whereas a Big Banana would be difficult to work around.

  5. so happy now that the Big Mango is back home.

  6. What about a big date by the toilet block in the main council reserve?

    1. I'll take that as a serious comment and your enthusiasm for something Big in Unley.
      I still favour a Big Olive, but not placed next to a dunny.
      Maybe in Souter Park, Goodwood.


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