Unley Road trams ❌

The idea of trams on Unley Road has been proposed (again) by Federal Labor. I'm a keen advocate of extending the tram network, but Unley Road is too narrow; far too narrow and it carries a huge volume of commuter traffic. Commuter traffic would be slowed to a crawl, parking would be cut and local businesses would be impacted. I propose use of electric buses (aka. trackless trams; what really is the difference?) and a more frequent service. With a more efficient public transport service we can get more bums on seats and achieve less dependence on driving cars through Mitcham and Unley to the Adelaide CBD. It's time for the State Government to really overhaul our public transport.
As the Unley tram proposal gets on track (depending on the outcome of the Federal election) it will be interesting to see the stance of Unley Council. Will the mayor's publicly stated support for trams on Unley Road influence the decision of Council?
I say, push for electric buses aka. trackless trams.

New Year Resolutions

We all make New Year resolutions.
Don't we?
And how many do we achieve?
Do they last more than a week or two?
Real resolutions need hard work (and resolution) throughout the year and beyond.
The tip is to be careful about the resolutions we make.

Huawei risk

It’s just so sad that the Chinese made Huawei IT equipment is controlling so much of the critical and sensitive infrastructure across Australia (The Advertiser, 27 December). Our cyber security has potentially been compromised. Our data and Government data stored in the Cloud, our health records, transport and utility information and most telecommunication data are all potentially at risk. There should be a total ban on using Huawei equipment whilst the Chinese Government  has a right to access all data. We’ve had our head in the sand on this issue all for the sake of saving 10-15% by buying Chinese IT equipment. Given the growing power and presence of the Chinese Government in our region, we can’t afford to be offering weak links and ease of a cyber attack on Australia. It’s not a nightmarish scenario; it’s a reality. The risk must be addressed.

Greening Unley

I have a passion for greening.
Only yesterday I planted another row of radish seeds 😉

I just wish that new high rise developments in Unley would incorporate green elements.
It can be done; and should be done.
Unley Council should be pressuring developers to be more green in their designs.

Here's an excellent example of what can be achieved.

#green #unley #GreenUnley

Pink delight

I'm just so pleased with my Candy Pink Agapanthus.
Such beautiful flowers.
The Christmas Holly arrangement for the table needed a bit of colour. For some reason this year the holly didn't have any red berries.
So we added red roses and a Candy Pink Agapanthus.
Just stunning!

more info re my candy-striped-pink-agapanthus

Best tomato crop

This year my tomato plants won't get burnt in the hot summer sun.
Some people use big umbrellas or old bed sheets. A bit cumbersome.
Imagine my delight at finding a triangular (3.4x3.4x3.4m) heavy duty shade cloth at a garage sale.
Just 5 bucks!
(Actually, I gave them $10; it was the woman down the street.)
My delight was a bit short-lived during erection.
That triangular shape was a bit tricky, especially finding the right spots to tie to nearby trees.
Anyway, its up, well before the onslaught of the hot weather.
The tomato plants are doing well in this hot period.
It's going to be a great crop.
The best looking plants for years!

Cucumber heaven

No more buying cucumbers for a few months.
My cucumber vines are loaded and will bear well for a few months.
Nothing beats a fresh home gown cucumber, especially the old fashioned heirloom varieties that taste so good.They are grown for flavour and not for transport and wrapped in plastic.

The best way to eat a cucumber is salted and peppered on lightly buttered fresh bread.

Here's a photo of the second one picked this season.
I'm in cucumber heaven 😛