Unley rates penalty

  I’m annoyed with #Unley Council. I always pay my bills and the Council rates on time. Anyway, I recently received a red coloured bill from Unley; an overdue notice with a penalty fee for the quarterly payment of rates. I was slapped with a penalty and a short time to pay with a warning ‘if the amount remains unpaid after the due date your account may be forwarded to Council’s collection agency’ . Sure, Councils need to collect and recover rates; but the fact is I never received the original bill by mail . I would have thought that Unley Council would have sent me (or any other log-term resident with a good track record) a gentle warning asking RUOK and if an extension is needed. Given Covid-19, surely that would have been the way to go. Council records would have shown that I have always paid by the due date. How many other residents were affected by not receiving the rates payment notice by mail? Lets face it, many letters are having a slow delivery via Australia Post

Welcome to 2020 won


Cheap power & water in Unley

  I was staggered to read in The Advertiser online that an Unley Shopping centre is taking Unley Council to the Supreme Court to recoup over $1m for illegal use of power and water over the past decade(s). The power and water was used in the adjoining memorial garden. It’s staggering that this went on for so long, undetected by both parties. Hopefully this will be amicably settled with the slate wiped clean and it won’t be a $1m+ hit to our rates in 2021. Given that the shopping centre is a ratepayer, that probably won’t be the outcome.

Must retain Unley Gatehouse

  I’m annoyed that the SA Government won’t try to relocate the heritage gatehouse (built in 1890) on the corner of Cross Road and Fullarton Road, as part of the road widening project. It should not be demolished. That should not be the only solution. Engineers say that it can be moved. So, why not try. Yes, it will cost a bit, but it is worthwhile. Some Liberal MPs support the relocation. I call upon David Pisoni, Liberal MP for Unley to support the local demand that this historic gatehouse be retained or moved. David should put his ministerial obligations aside and support the local push to relocate the gatehouse.

More on Life Care

  I’ve been asked ‘so what happens now’? My understanding is that the matter needs to be referred to ICAC and it will likely be investigated by the Ombudsman. Unley Council is obliged to self report it to ICAC.

High-Rise at Everard Park 😡

  High-Rise Everard Park Yesterday I attended a gathering of Everard Park and Black Forest residents organised by local Badcoe MP Jayne Stinson. There were about 150 people in attendance. The meeting was to review concerns about the proposed 4 storey aged care facility on the Life Care site, bounded by Norman Terrace, Fourth Avenue and Ross Street, Everard Park. So many concerns. The same as what was voiced at the public meeting held by Unley Council. Unley Council dismissed the voice of the residents and approved the development. It has now been approved by the State Minister for Planning. A final step (and probably just a formality) is consideration by a parliamentary committee. Jayne will be addressing that committee and presenting the residents’ concerns. Now, back to yesterday’s gathering in the park ... Unley Mayor Michael Hewitson (who had voted for the high-rise) was there. However after 20 minutes he must have figured that he was not welcome and he hopped on his bicycle and pe

Aglianico wine - Wow! 🍷

  Aglianico wine Enjoyed a bottle of  Aglianico  wine, from ‘Bittern by the Grape’, Mornington Peninsula. Never heard of it before. I don’t normally enjoy the lighter style wines, but this Italian wine was superb. Very easy drinking. A dusky brown and brick dust coloured beauty. Excellent with an oozy Brie cheese. I was given it some years back by a local who was visiting Victoria; back in the days when you could (or would want to) visit Victoria. Keep an eye out for it and treat yourself  🍷 Read about Aglianico