Driving change at Unley

I want to see a greener and more sustainable Unley. More street trees! I support replacing old poorly performing trees with new trees that are better suited to our environment. Replacing 1 tree with 2+ has been my vision and my passion. This has already started! More planting of the verges! Preferably by residents who will adopt and maintain the new green verge. Joining the war on waste! My passion. I want to help fix the waste crisis in Unley, a crisis impacting all Councils. Driving real change at Unley Council! My words, my passion and my commitment to all Unley residents.
To get real change, Vote 1 Bob Schnell #Mayor4Unley at the election.
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Written & authorised by Bob Schnell, 10 Halmon Ave, Everard Park 5035

Ask for Annie

Just ask for Annie.
The attached photo was found on the back of the Ladies toilet door in a pub in Scotland.
What a fantastic idea!
I understand that this arrangement is common in Townsville, Australia where you ask for Angela.
I would love to see this become available at every pub across Australia, even in #Unley.
It would be nice to have just one name (to ask for) across Australia.

Unley green tax

Dear Sally
You wrote to me and asked if you would be hit by higher rates as proposed by Councillor Michael Hewitson in last week's EC Messenger. A 'green tax' as you called it for a lack of tree canopy cover. You described your home as ... located in Parkside, a swimming pool, extensive lawns, roses, medium sized deciduous magnolia tree and a row of pencil pines. From my assessment, you have nearly zero canopy cover. The pencil pines contribute little cover, roses and lawn don't count and the magnolia tree is deciduous and canopy cover needs to be measured in winter. So, yes, Sally, I believe from what I have read in the newspaper that you have insufficient tree canopy cover and will therefore have to pay the higher rates as proposed. My belief is that if Mr Hewitson introduces this green tax, then to make it work and be a real deterrent it will have to be a significant increase in rates eg. $100-$200 per property, that's a 10%-20% increase of your current rates.
Sally, …

Unley honey

It’s fantastic news that #Coles has now agreed to sell only authentic AUSTRALIAN #honey. In the past, Coles was selling honey of dubious origin eg. Chinese syrups blended with Australian honey. I joined a community petition to stop this fraud. I’m a keen advocate to buy local and shop local, especially in #Unley. As #Mayor of Unley, I will be a strong voice to promote local businesses and encourage locals to buy and shop local. Imagine the change that we all can make! Vote 1 Bob Schnell #Mayor4Unley
Don’t waste your vote!

Higher rates across Unley

A big splash in this week's Eastern Courier Messenger! Unley Mayoral aspirant Councillor Michael Hewitson pushes his idea for greening Unley. It has appeal until you read the fine print. His idea is to offer rate rebates to residents who have greater than 13% tree canopy. Sounds nice. But who will pay for it? Answer: The residents who have less than 13% tree canopy cover on their properties. That's the majority of Unley residents (by my estimate). Those residents will be king hit with a rate increase. My assessment is that the majority of Unley residents would not meet the Hewitson minimum of 13% tree canopy and would cop a higher rate. A quick drive across Unley will verify this. The Hewitson rate rise for the majority of residents is just so unfair.
People have different lifestyles and different ideas of what is a garden. They should not be penalised by higher rates because they don't have enough large trees.
As a Mayoral candidate I pledge to bury this crazy idea. For the record, t…

Cyclists wanted in Unley

CYCLISTS WANTED to volunteer for an experiment.The University of SA will conduct a study to evaluate the effects of dried fruit & nuts on exercise performance & recovery.All food will be provided; just dried fruit & nuts.
You will get $200 upon completion of the study.For some reason the study is only for males. Why? (Let me know if you find out.)
Sounds like a worthwhile study, so give it consideration.
For more information: see the photo and email or phone 83021365.#Unley #Cycle #Cyclist Vote 1 Bob Schnell #Mayor4Unley to enhance cycle & walking paths across Unley.

Unley Rainbow Pot of Gold

An #Unley rainbow this afternoon  Looking east. A 'pot of gold' from the recent rate rise pushed by Councillor Michael Hewitson!  That really made me angry. We could have kept the rate rise close to CPI. I voted to reduce the rate rise. I will continue the fight to keep rates low. Vote 1 Bob Schnell   #Mayor4Unley