Parkside election forecast

It looks like there will be quite a few candidates for the position of councillor, in Parkside Ward, Unley Council. It will be difficult to replace the calibre of Mike Hudson who has retired. He had a track record of speaking his mind and not being swayed by a faction.
I met one of the candidates the other day and had a bit of a chat. My prediction is that due to Covid-19 there will be a lower % of residents voting. I reckon that those voting will be less than 20%.

Unley SALA 2020

SALA 2020 is almost here. It’s a strange year with Covid-19. I feel like I’ve already done #SALA. Two weeks ago I attended the #Unley launch of a pre-SALA event, hosted by an acclaimed local artist. Her works were stunning. My name is on the sold sticker on 3 of the paintings. I can’t wait until SALA is over and the paintings come home ❤️

TikTok alert

So many people have embraced TikTok - a ‘fun’ video app owned by Beijing-based company ByteDance.
There are 1.6 million Australian users and more than 800 million global users.
If you’ve downloaded it, you’re mad with no regard to your privacy and cyber security.
All of your personal details are siphoned up and hosted on Chinese servers.
There are global cyber security alerts about the danger of TikTok.
Do yourself a favour and delete the app now!
The Australian Government won’t block it (Chinese style) but it does highlight the extreme cyber risk of using the app.

Fake news

I’m annoyed with myself and others 😡 at being the target of fake news delivered by a supposedly credible source. In the future I will make more effort to verify the information before posting it 😷

Beanie Bob

Onkaparinga Council hosts and supports many affordable arts and cultural events. It does it well and at a modest cost. I went down to Port Noarlunga yesterday to see the Beanies and Berets (and felting) exhibition. Secretly I was determined to buy a beanie that is just a bit different. I’m so pleased with what I brought home. A nice warm alpaca beanie; and just a bit different.
For details about the exhibition, follow this link
Pop down and buy one and support local artists.

Silent Unley

I was speaking with a resident who tuned in to listen to a recent #Unley Council meeting when the new tree planting plan was approved. The resident was annoyed that many elected members commented that so few residents had responded to the plan. That got her really mad. She commented that these days (and over the past year) the residents received little communication from Unley Council. The Messenger has gone (and you can only access it online via a subscription). The Council magazine Unley Life has disappeared. Haven’t seen one for a couple of years. If it is delivered then it’s lost in amongst the junk mail. There have been no newsletters from the councillors or mayor. Actually there was one recently delivered to some streets asking people to respond to the Tree Plan, but it was delivered after the close date for submissions. Residents are not happy with the lack of communication from Council. It’s just not good enough. Especially during Covid-19, council should have made a concerted eff…

Fantastic first footy 😷

What a great NRL match last night with the Eels thrashing the Broncos in Brisbane. A great release after so so long without any footy. A fast and furious game. It’s a pity that one of the 3 major sponsors (Hisense TVs) with their logo splashed across the ‘oval’ was a foreign company (China). I would have preferred to see only Aussie companies sponsoring the match. I enjoyed the game, but I won’t be buying a Hisense 😷